5 May 2021

Year 10 have been studying rivers as part of their GCSE course and preparing themselves for their adventure out on compulsory fieldwork in the coming weeks.

Mr Metcalfe’s 10C class have been trying to find new and innovative ways to try and revise and remember the journey of a river and how the characteristics change from source to mouth.

Together, the class (including Mrs Simpson) wrote this lovely poem below which echoes perfectly the journey of a river.  Well done 10C and Mrs Simpson – Head of English, Mrs Gidden will be proud!!

High in the mountains, here is the source,
Energy is high, flowing with force.
Over the waterfall the stream doth flow,
Velocity not high, some would say low.

The gradient drops, less steep it becomes,
Wider and deeper the river now runs,
Meandering, wandering around the floodplain,
Oxbow lakes found in this domain.

Approaching the mouth, small pebble size,
An estuary develops before our eyes,
Less friction now, smooth banks and bed,
The end of its journey – the river now dead.

10C (& Mrs Simpson!) 


Mr Metcalfe
Head of Humanities

Tags: Geography