5 May 2021

Priory enjoyed a Read for Good Readathon before half-term and raised a staggering £1,000 for the charity.

Read for Good encourages children to read through its unique motivational approach, inspiring reluctant readers to give reading a go and keen readers to read more widely.  

Pupils can choose whatever they want to read - from comics to classics and audio books to blogs - they are not being assessed; it’s all about reading for fun.  
Even better, they are motivated to read because the money they raise in sponsorship helps to provide a regular supply of new books and a resident storyteller to every major children's hospital in the UK.  

“Read for Good is a charity which buys books for children in hospitals as obviously second-hand books can’t be used due to infection,” said English teacher Mrs Elliott. 

“We just wanted Priory pupils to read whatever they want, from a recipe to a newspaper, to a chapter of a book to a whole book, and get sponsored to raise money for Read for Good. 

“It’s all about helping their enthusiasm for reading and reading for fun, for a good cause.

"It's incredible that pupils raised £1,000 and it shows what is achievable in these challenging times. Books can be escapism when you are in a hospital bed and so, at Priory, we are more than happy to support this cause and will be doing it again next year and aiming to raise more."

Year 7 DaMari raised the most money with £85 and was given a giant Easter egg and a £10 Amazon voucher.
"I read two books during the week, Crater Lake was one, and my family and friends sponsored me," said DaMari.
"It's a really good thing to do to give books to people in hospital so I wanted to take part."

Year 8 Theo was sponsored for £65 and was given a £10 Amazon voucher from Headteacher, Mr Eastham.  "I read three books altogether during the week," said Theo. "It's a very good charity as it's upsetting being in hospital but nice we can buy books for patients to read."

Alessia, in Year 7, raised £54 and was given a £10 Amazon voucher.  "I read half of a big book! It was really thick. I was proud to raise so much money."

Year 8's Joe and Luke were given an Easter egg after being randomly picked in a lucky dip of all the pupils that took part.

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