5 May 2021

Year 7 pupils admitted they were 'excited' to use Bunsen Burners as science experiments returned to Priory.

Due to Covid restrictions, experiments had been unable to go ahead until this week.  Under Miss Nouraghaeii's careful instructions, pupils got to use the Bunsen Burners to look at different types of flames and also measure the temperature of water with a timeline.

Miss Nouraghaeii said: "It's their first time using Bunsen Burners, it seems ages since we have had experiments in class and it's so good to have them back again."

Taylor said: "Science is one of my favourite subjects. It's been hard not being able to carry out experiments but it's exciting now we can."

Tanashe said: "It's actually quite fun and nice to be able to do experiments. I enjoy science."

Emily added: "I heated the water and recorded the temperature every minute. It's my first year in high school so it's exciting to be able to finally carry out experiments in class."

Tags: Science