15 July 2021

Year 10 pupils will be starting their study of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol in the Autumn term and for Year 11 it's Willy Russell's Blood Brothers. This will be their GCSE English Literature set text and one they'll eventually be examined on in their final exams.

We are therefore recommending that pupils have their own copy of the text itself. This will also mean that pupils can highlight and annotate the book during the course of study, making it a valuable revision aid for them. Pupils will need the actual novel NOT a text guide, play script or revision guide.

Books can be purchased from retailers such as Amazon for around £6.00. Although there are various publishers of the texts, the actual novel is the same; some allow more space to annotate or have more supporting information however it's essentially the novel that pupils will need for their studies.

Typical ISBN numbers are:

A Christmas Carol - 9781407143644 or 1707446601
Blood Brothers - 0413767701

Tags: English