12 August 2021

All our 2021 leavers should feel proud of what they have individually achieved and on behalf of us here at Priory, we would like to thank all of them and their families for their continued support of us as a school and to thank each of them for the contribution they have made to Priory in so many different ways, whether that be in the classroom, on the sport’s pitch, on stage, fundraising or in extra-curricular activities. 

Here are the girls' stories...


Head Girl, Tilly hopes to be designing the fashions of the future! 

Tilly celebrated a Grade 9 in English along with two Grade 8s, 7/7 in Science and two Grade 7s. 

“I want to go to Runshaw College to study textiles, media studies and photography,” said Tilly. 

“I want to be a fashion designer. 

“I have loved my time at Priory, I have learnt a lot in art and I have always been encouraged to do what I want and the teachers have helped me find my own way.” 


Erin knows exactly what she wants to be – a vet! 

Erin has eight animals at home, including a dog, cat, guinea pigs and rats. 

“I love animals, I am working at a dog groomers already to get some experience,” said Erin. 

She will study chemistry, biology and maths at Newman College after achieving all Grade 8s and 7s. 


Maisie says she has a lot to thank the English department at Priory for. 

Maisie achieved three Grade 9s, three Grade 8s and two Grade 7s in her GCSEs.

She will go to Runshaw College to study English Combined, photography, media studies and psychology. 

“The staff in English have always encouraged me, especially my English teacher Miss Smith. I have always been good at English but she made me fall back in love with it and want to use it in my future career. 

“I would like to be a journalist and I thought photography would be useful in this.” 


Caitlin is keeping her options open about her future career. 

Caitlin celebrated an amazing 9/9 in science, as well as a Grade 9 in maths, three Grade 8s, two Grade 7s and a Level 2 Distinction in engineering. 

“My dad likes fixing cars and I do too so that’s why I took engineering and I enjoyed it. 

“I want to go to Runshaw College to study maths, further maths, chemistry and biology and then pick a subject I enjoy to study further. 

“I have loved my time at Priory, the teachers have always made sure I was ok and are very supportive.” 


Rebecca loves gaming and wants to take it into a career as a games designer. 

Rebecca celebrated a 9/8 in Combined Science, three Grade 9s, one Grade 8, two Grade 7s and a distinction star in engineering. 

“I want to go to Newman College and study maths, further maths, computing and graphics. 

“I want to be a games designer and I do love playing games! 

“I enjoyed doing engineering at Priory as it was something different and the best thing about it is the friends I have made.” 


Cerys admitted she was ‘definitely shocked’ when she saw she had achieved a 9/9 in Combined Science. 

As well, Cerys celebrated three Grade 9s and three Grade 8s in her GCSEs. 

“I want to go to Runshaw College and study Classics, as I like Greek mythology, English Language, English Literature and early modern history, the Tudors and so on. 

“I have absolutely loved history at Priory, the way it’s taught really brings it to life and it’s easy to soak all the information up.” 


Robyn wants to be a midwife. 

“I like to help people and I just love babies!” she said. 

Robyn celebrated an 8/7 in science, two Grade 8s, three Grade 7s and a Grade 6 in her GCSEs. 

“I have done much better than expected as I was worried. I want to go to Hutton Grammar School and study art, geography and biology. 

“I don’t need specific A-Levels to be a midwife so I just picked my favourite subjects!” 


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