9 June 2022

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During the Autumn term the current Year 9 (going into Year 10) will study compulsory components of GCSE English Literature which they will be assessed on in their final exams.  This year pupils will study Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol and Shakespeare’s Macbeth.

Parents are advised it is in your child’s best interest to purchase their own copy of their studied text. Whilst this is not compulsory, stock in the department is limited and having their own copy will mean your child can highlight and annotate, making the text a valuable revision aid.  

If you wish to purchase one of these texts, it is recommended that you do so ready for the new academic year. Texts can be ordered from retailers such as Amazon for around £3.00-£6.00 each.

Recommended editions are:

A Christmas Carol     ISBN: 9781407143644    
Pupils will need the actual novel 

Macbeth        ISBN 9780198324003
Pupils will need the play script 

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