17 January 2023

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Pupils in all year groups have been answering this important question and receiving a coveted badge! 

Assistant Head of Maths Mr Henshaw said: “Originally we ordered ‘I Love Maths’ badges for the staff and pupils started asking if they could have one. 

“Last year we set a task for Year 7s to say why they loved maths and we selected the best answers, they got a badge and it was a success. 

“This year we opened it to all year groups, they had to fill in a survey and it’s created a buzz around maths which is what we wanted to do. 

“It’s ongoing so pupils now can contribute at any time. They do love the badges!” 

Pupils that want to claim one of the coveted badges should simply click the link below to access the survey and write Mr Henshaw a sentence or two explaining why they love maths. The best responses from each year group will be selected for a 'I Love Maths' badge.

Each week, we'll report what our pupils said.  This week it's Yusuf and Muhammed's turn to tell us why they adore the subject. See next post.

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