17 January 2023

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Assistant Head of Maths Mr Henshaw, along with the Maths Department, ran a competition asking pupils to say what they particularly enjoy about the subject. Pupils were tasked with completing the following sentence,  "I love Maths because..."

Here's why Yusuf and Muhammed love Maths:


I really enjoy it as I like complex things like algebra or as some people say, 'algebros'. I would class myself as a maths student because I think it is really fascinating and there is a way you could use maths for a huge variety of problems. I want to also get the highest grade in my Maths GCSE in Year 11


It is very good to learn about number so that you can use it more in life, for example, like counting your money. My teacher Mr Raynor, is the nicest teacher I’ve ever seen.

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