28 February 2023

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It's a new sign of the times for Penwortham’s Nature Reserve thanks to Penwortham Priory Academy. 

The nature reserve and meadow surround the external perimeter of the school and is open to the public. However, the old signage was run down and a new board was needed to help spruce the area up so the school's Technology Technician, Gill Lawe, worked with archived plans to craft a new weatherproof board. 

The sign, installed at the Crow Hills Road entrance, was unveiled by the Principal of Penwortham Priory Academy, Matt Eastham, and Chair of the Penwortham Nature Conservation Group, Peter Smith, along with other members of the Group. 

Mr Eastham said, "The school is very much part of the Penwortham community so it's been rewarding to use our facilities to help to improve the area.  The old sign has been there for around 10 years and was showing the need for a facelift. Our gardens at Priory are award-winning and we want to make sure the nature reserve and meadow surrounding the school are kept in the best condition for people who visit our school and the public." 

Mr Smith added, “As a nature reserve, the Priory Meadow is full of rare plants and animals. We have rare and protected Great Crested Newts breeding in the ponds, delicate Snake’s Head Fritillary are in full flower in March and April and we have many orchids in the meadow areas in the summer. 

“It is a vibrant area and, while there is no public footpath through Priory Meadow, the public can use it provided they respect the fact it is a nature reserve so dogs must be kept on a lead.” 

Mr Lawe ended by saying, “The new sign probably took me around six/seven hours to complete using the laser cutter in school as well as handcutting parts of it myself. I am really proud of it. Hopefully it will last a long time.” 

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