10 March 2023

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Lucas was best at Priory in the UKMT Intermediate Maths Challenge, a national test for high achieving Year 9, 10 and 11 maths pupils. 

Lucas achieved a staggering 92 out of the 135 points on offer to be awarded a gold certificate and the honour of being the best at Priory. 

Year 11 Lucas said: “I enjoyed the challenge. Computer Science is my favourite subject but I enjoy maths and want to go to LUSoM (Lancaster University School of Mathematics). I enjoyed testing myself and was happy to do well.” 

Year 10 Sam was second with 81/135 and was presented with a gold award while Year 9 Daniel finished third and was awarded the silver certificate with 70/135 points. 

Year 9 Daniel said: “I was third best in the school and best in my year.” 

Year 10 Emmie earned a silver certificate and had a ploy: 

“There are questions where you lose marks so I concentrated on all the questions where you can’t lose marks!” 

Year 11 Taylor added: “It is about problem solving and it is quite difficult. There are 25 questions and you can lose marks as well as gain them. I like maths so I enjoyed this.” 

Maths teacher, Mr Hunter, oversaw the challenge and said: “We picked the top 30 from Years 9-11 and they loved the extra challenge of it. All pupils that take part get a certificate – whether it’s gold, silver, bronze or for participating. It’s a massive achievement just to take part.” 

Well done to all our pupils who participated in the challenge, including Madoc D (Year 11) who was in fourth place, Preston McM (Year 10) who came fifth, both not pictured.

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