13 March 2023

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Connor has fought his way to a British crown – and will now compete in kickboxing on the European stage in Amsterdam. 

Connor won a gold medal in the -65kg Points Sparring category at the World Martial Arts Organisational (WMO) National Championships last month.

He also collected silver in the -60kg Continuous Sparring and -60kg Points Sparring, coming away with three medals and certificates. 

“I compete for NSKA in Leyland and have been kickboxing for 10 years,” said Year 10 Connor, who trains every day except Wednesday. 

“I like kickboxing, it makes me more committed and helps my confidence. 

“I was nervous competing in the national championships, especially as I had around 10 fights and in the final I knew I needed to win. 

“I am excited to go to the world championships later this month and represent my club and England. 

“I would love to turn professional. I am committed, sometimes my mates can be annoyed when they want me to go out but I am training. Training comes first.” 

Last weekend Connor fought at the WKKC English nationals where he won two gold and will journey to Amsterdam at the end of this month to compete in the Dutch Open.

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