17 March 2023

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Tuesday, 14 March was Pi Day - 3/14 in the American date format - and an excuse for the Maths department to get everyone talking about this unique irrational number that has infinite decimals.

Pupils took part in several fun activities from memory techniques to recite the most digits of pi, to a game of Pi Day Kahoots; the department had everyone joining in!  A game of Dingbats followed on from that - a logical quiz similiar to Catchphrase with all the words containing 'pi'. Have a go at the ones opposite. 

Maths teacher, Mr Sneddon, who organised the event in school said, 

"Pi day went very well, it was the first time we've made a big celebration of it at Priory. The students started with trying to memorise pi to as many places as possible, before having a go at Kahoots and Dingbats, which was good fun.

"The students enjoyed the day as it was something a little different from the normal maths lessons, sparking curiosity about pi and the impact it has." 

If you want to have a go at Pi Day Kahoots, the game based online learning platform, you can play along here>> 


Well done to Year 7 Sophie who won the £10 Amazon voucher for memorising their pi places the most -  80 digits!

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