19 May 2023

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Pupils at Priory donned traditional dress from all over the world to celebrate the United Nations World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development. 

The special day is on Sunday but Head of ICT & Computing Mrs Qadri organised for pupils and teachers to acknowledge it on Thursday. 

The henna painting was popular, there was a special hot food menu, music from different cultures was played at break and lunch while there was also a food sale and quiz. 

Mrs Qadri said: “One of our pupils saw a video from another school celebrating different cultures and asked if we could do it at Priory and we fitted it in with the United Nations Day. 

“It’s important to embrace diversity and spread awareness of different cultures. 

“We had queues for the henna tattoos while we have had Brazilian, Greek and Indian food as well as food from other cultures on sale and it proved popular."

Haniya wore traditional Muslim dress and said: “It’s usually for wedding occasions although I wore this on Eid. It’s nice as some of the other pupils asked about it and said how nice we all look in our different clothing."

Shreya dressed in traditional Hindu clothing while Tasha’s clothes were what she would wear in Zimbabwe. 

Aisha wore Moroccan clothing while Favour dressed in the outfit she wore for her sister’s wedding. 

“It’s Nigerian and this was a dress for special occasions.” 

Alanis wore traditional Kenyan attire: “It’s from Kenyan culture. You can wear it day-to-day or on special occasions. It’s been good to educate people about what I am wearing and why.” 

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