26 June 2023

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Before the half term break, History Teacher Miss Ackers, presented Year 9 with a challenge to create a piece of research on whatever period of history interested them in order to receive a highly coveted History pin badge.  

Entries came in the form of PowerPoints, Word documents and hand-written posters.  

Miss Ackers said, "I set the students a voluntary challenge of creating their own piece of History research on whatever topic interested them in order to obtain one of our department's pin badges. 

"I was absolutely blown away by the 26 students who participated and the amount of work that they had put into their projects. We had presentations on the Egyptians, Hitler's Rise to Power, the Suffragettes and much more. 

"We have so many talented Historians at Priory; hopefully this has inspired a further love of History and research. I am so proud of all of the students and can't wait to see their badges proudly displayed on their blazers."

Well done to everyone who entered.  Badges and certificates are on their way and will be presented in the Year 9 assembly.

Wear your badge with pride: Tasha C, Keshav C, Joseph B, Bradley G, Lauren C, Lewis A, Jane W, Riley C, Lola P, Sophia T, Layla H, Agnes K, Christopher C, Abbie S, Emma B, Evie W, Chloe W, Ruby E, Hannah B, Geetha D-R, Emily J, Ella G, Rhea B, DaMari S, Tilly P, Niamh P.


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