18 September 2023

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Here's what our Cool Readers Club is all about...

These are our reading stars put forward by their English teacher.  We interview them about their current book, what they like reading about and what they like to do when they’re not reading.  Introducing Jolie...

Jolie is reading about ‘Tom Gates’ for the second time! 

Liz Pichon has written a series of books about Tom Gates and his everyday trials and tribulations. 

“I have read the one I am reading once but I found it so decided to re-read it,” said the Year 10 pupil. 

“It’s about a boy at school and I like it as it’s a comedy and it’s relatable. 

“I do like funny books but my favourite author is Sophie McKenzie and ‘Girl, Missing.’ This is my favourite book as there are good plot twists and it’s interesting to read.” 

Jolie enjoys English and wants to be a psychologist when she is older. 

“I used to do a number of sports last year but this year I am concentrating on my GCSEs. I want to go to Runshaw College and then see what happens after that.” 

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