19 January 2024

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On Thursday, Mr Eastham presented badges and certificates to pupils who had achieved the next stage in the Priory+ Awards.

Over 210 pupils achieved this recognition during the Autumn term and on Thursday, those that chose to be personally presented by the Principal got to receive their rewards. Pupils who have opted out of this will have their certificates and badges presented to them by their Head of Year.  

Priory+ was introduced to encourage and reward pupils for working on their own Personal Development.  At Penwortham Priory Academy we believe that strong Personal Development provision contributes to making a positive difference to pupils’ lives.  The opportunities provided not only allow them to engage in activities they are interested in, but enables them to explore and build a strong pathway to, and foundation for, a successful future. 

Our activities fit into five overarching strands, which supplement our Character and Culture Personal Development sessions in Learning for Life.  There are five strands: 

Culture & Heritage | Future Citizens | Health & Well-Being | Skill Builders | Bright Futures

Our Personal Development Award Programme aims to encourage pupils to engage in a wide range of activities, both in and out of school, that contribute further to their own personal development, and rewards them for doing so. 

Personal Development is important for everyone at every life stage. It is important as it empowers us to grow, adapt and lead more fulfilling lives. It helps us develop valuable skills, self-awareness, and resilience, which can positively impact various aspects of our lives, from relationships to career success and overall well-being. 


Priory+ is rewarded with a star badge, certificates for pupil's Record of Achievement and Achievement Points towards trips. 


Pupils will achieve a star when they:  Complete one activity from each of the five strands (see below), in each term.  One activity must be a co-curricular club/activity/group from the timetable provided.

Awards Achieved Autumn Term 2023

Bronze 1 Award     90
Bronze 2 Award     44
Bronze 3 Award     24
Silver 1 Award     41
Silver 2 Award     5
Silver 2 Award     3
Gold 1 Award     1
Gold 2 Award     1
Gold 3 Award     1
Platinum Award     1

A special congratulations to our first pupil to achieve the highest award - Year 11 Theo C has earned the Platinum award and will collect his badge and certificate from Mr Eastham separately.

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