1 February 2024

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Year 7 pupils combined their artistic talents and historical knowledge to build a 3D castle for a History Competition to win a History pin badge and house points.

Lead Teacher for History Mr Eccles set the task for pupils to build either a motte and bailey castle or a stone castle with Eli and Jacob joint winners.

Jacob said: “It took me two days but I had to keep repairing it as bits fell off! I like History so it was good to be involved in this. I was proud to win.”

Eli said: “It took me around two days to build it. I spent the first day making it and the second day painting it. I like making things and I like History so it worked for me.”

Mr Eccles said: “Eli’s and Jacob’s castles were excellent but it was fantastic for everyone who made the effort to get involved in the competition.
“It was done in their own time so it is fantastic that they will go the extra mile to take part in these competitions. We want pupils to get excited about history and competitions like this bring it to life a bit more.”

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