1 February 2024

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Priory’s Year 9s have been learning about Anne Frank this week as they use the exhibition which has been set up in school to talk about the dangers of intolerance and hatred.

The Anne Frank Exhibition, from the Anne Frank Trust, is all about the life of Anne which is used as a platform for education about anti-semitism and all forms of hatred.

Teenager Anne Frank was a German-born Jewish girl who kept a diary where she recorded hiding in an Amsterdam attic during World War II during the Nazi persecution.  Anne died in Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, aged 15.

Anne Frank Trust’s Lucy Allan spent time with the Year 9s at Priory who volunteered to teach the Anne Frank story to Year 7 & 8 pupils this week, as well as Year 6 pupils from Penwortham Primary School.

Lucy said: “We have done lots of work about challenging prejudice and discussed World War II and Anne Frank’s life. We have also carried out a number of activities and workshops so the pupils can become Peer Educator/Tour Guides.

“They have been so enthusiastic and come up with a lot of their own ideas and amazing scripts to tell the important story of Anne Frank’s life.

Lucy continues to explain, “This is about discrimination as a whole, whether it’s anti-semitism, islamophobia, homophobia. It’s been nice to come to Priory and speak to the pupils who have been fantastic.”

Year 9 James said: “I have learnt all about Anne Frank’s life and it has been a really interesting experience.”

Haniya said: “I wanted to know more about Anne Frank as I think it will help my understanding of the current situation in Gaza. I want to understand both sides of the argument and what has happened to the Jewish people in the past. It’s been very educational and I have enjoyed it.”

Zach admitted: “I like history so this is why I chose to do this and I have learnt a lot. It’s hard to think of, being a similar age to Anne, what she went through and it is upsetting. She died at 15 and really didn’t have the chance to experience life at all.”

Connor said: “I remember doing the tour in Year 7 and I like history so I wanted to learn more which is why I volunteered to become a Peer Educator.
“I have learnt a lot. It’s hard to think what Anne went through when she was so young.”

Noah added: “My part of the talk is about Anne being in the annex so I have gone into more depth about this and obviously it was hard. I never knew how she died. I think it can all translate into today’s world.”

Well done to:  James C, Junaid, Q, Harriet H, Anna H, Noah W, Toby H, Connor S, Zach M, Richard J, Evie C, Haniya A, Emily A, Tarela O, Hanah N.

Anne Frank Trust Exhibition 2024

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