27 March 2024

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Priory’s Dungeons and Dragons Club takes pupils on epic journeys which fire their imagination!

The D&D Club, which is after-school every Tuesday, was started by Year 11 Alex and he wasn’t expecting a big turnout.

However it is ‘absolutely thriving’ said one teacher so much so that when Alex leaves, he is handing over the reigns to Year 8 Jacob to take control and ensure this popular club continues.

“I started it last year, after February half-term, as the club where I played D&D shut down,” said Alex, who will go to Newman College to do A-Levels next year. “I still wanted to play so I started it at school expecting around six people but we have over 20 now.

“Dungeons and Dragons is basically where there are players and a Dungeon Master. The Dungeon Master provides a story and the players make their own fantasy characters, using maybe magic or weapons, and act out the story. It’s very creative.”

Jacob will take over and said: “I am very excited. I was into D&D but had no one to play with so it’s great to have a club here and play with other people. I am keen to keep the club going. It’s a bit of fun and is also quite relaxing.”

The club is supervised by  Learning Manager, Mrs Nayler who said: "It's been very popular and pupils learn skills which they will not only need in school but also in life such as vocabulary building, problem solving, team work, communication, story telling and imagination growth."  

The club welcomes all year groups and takes place in LEAP 1 every Tuesday until 4pm.


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