5 July 2024

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Election fever has taken over Learning for Life lessons over the past few weeks, resulting in a mock ballot on Thursday.  

To ensure our pupils were informed about what a General Election is and who the political parties are, four of our Learning for Life lessons leading up to 4 July have been dedicated to explaining the event.  

Pupils learnt about what our constituency is called (South Ribble), watched videos, and key terms were highlighted. 

Yesterday, just like the adults in this country, Priory pupils went to the polls. Ballot papers were given out in Learning for Life for every pupil to vote. Teachers counted the votes and the results were announced to the whole school today to coincide with what was happening across the nation.

Over the four sessions, pupils learned about >>

  • What is a General Election? What is our constituency called? Who can vote? Who can people vote for?
  • What do political parties believe in? Who can people vote for in South Ribble? Party election broadcasts and bias. 
  • The South Ribble parties - Conservatives, Labour, Liberal Democrats, Reform UK, Green and others.
  • Pupils were given an overview of what each party promised to do about three key issues in the election: Education, NHS/social care, Immigration

Teachers also explained the practical side of voting (how we vote), who might win across the UK,  2019 vs. 2024,  and what will happen on 4th July.  Some also got to watch the main four candidates introduce themselves at a recording of the South Ribble Hustings which took place at Penwortham Golf Club on Thursday, 27 June, where they also spoke about BTECs and young people's mental health, ending with quick-fire questions from members of the public in attendance.  

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