4 December 2020

Mr Henshaw’s Crypto Club is once again hoping to de-code their way to become national champions. 

Two years ago the Assistant Head of Maths and his Year 11 team then were joint first in the code-breaking competition. It’s a cipher competition which is run by the University of Southampton every year and around 100 schools enter the event. 

This year’s quest is called Tinker, Tailor, Tourist, Spy and is centred around interpreting World War II English and German codes. 

The Year 11 Priory team is called The Sparkly Slugs, something Head Boy Louis isn’t too keen on! 

“The name wasn’t my choice!” he said. “This is an extra-curricular activity run by the University of Southampton and it’s over ten weeks. 

“They set a task every week, in two parts, and they get progressively harder. It’s a race to solve the codes. We are currently in week five and they do test your brains!” 

Mr Henshaw said: “The earlier weeks tend to be easier to solve but I only really  help if I spot something they are missing, other than that it is student-led. We did win it two years ago and we will be trying our best again!” 

Further details at www.cipherchallenge.org  

Tags: Maths