6 July 2021

Priory pupils Preston and Samuel are in the top five per cent of mathematicians in their age group in the country after celebrating gold in the first round of the UKMT Junior Maths Challenge. 

Maths teacher, Mr Hunter, has brought back the national challenge to Priory this year for Year 8s and below and Preston and Samuel won the top prize at Priory after sitting the first round of the multiple-choice online examination. 

There were also six pupils who received a silver certificate – Emily P, Jake S, Mahir D, Jack W, Alex E and Lucas R. 

For reaching gold standard, Preston and Samuel have since sat the second online test of the challenge, The Junior Kangaroo, and are waiting for their results. 

“It puts Preston and Samuel in around the top five per cent in the country for their age group,” said Mr Hunter. 

"We have brought back the UKMT Junior Maths Challenge to Priory as we have some really bright pupils who wanted to challenge themselves further in maths. The pupils really enjoyed it and were desperate to know the results. Samuel and Preston love maths so we were proud they achieved gold.” 

Preston admitted: “I wasn’t expecting to get the gold certificate but I was hopeful. Some of the later questions were difficult but they were easier than the practice paper! I love maths and science and it was exciting to take the UKMT Challenge. I like maths because it’s logical, there is a fixed answer.” 

Samuel said: “I did expect it to be harder so I wasn’t expecting a gold at the start but, when I finished, I thought I might have done enough. I am very proud to be in the top five per cent in the country. I want to do something with space in the future.” 

Tags: Maths