8 July 2021

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Site Supervisor Mr Wilkinson has been putting his new skills into practice at Priory. 

Mr Wilkinson has been studying joinery at Preston’s College for the last two years, funded by Priory as part of his professional development, in order for the school to carry out work internally and more efficiently. 

A plumber originally by trade, Mr Wilkinson is busy renovating the Year 8 toilets and, thanks to his new qualifications, has been able to transform the area. 

“I originally came to Priory as a cleaner nearly 10 years ago and I was also a Level 3 plumber. 

“I was doing some site maintenance around the school and I was asked if I wanted the role full-time. 

“Last year, joiner Mr Hetherington retired and I decided to step up. 

“I have been going to Preston’s College two nights a week and covered two courses, Level 1 and Level 2. 

“I have really enjoyed it, working with three tutors, Simon Book, Andrew Pilkington and Steve Mawson, and they have been friendly and helped me a lot. Steve is a former pupil at Priory and his son is here at the school now. 

“The course has helped me on the job and now I am putting what I have learnt into practice and it’s great that the school have given me this opportunity. 

“I enjoy being practical and creative and completing a project.” 

Facilities Manager, Mr Bolton said: “When Chris first came as a cleaner, we saw the potential in him with his skills and ability to help us on-site. We offered him a job and he wanted to develop his skills further and so the joinery courses at Preston’s College were ideal and he has put it into use straight away. 

“It’s important to be pro-active on site and we all take a lot of pride in keeping the school clean and help it to run efficiently internally.  It’s also part of our corporate social responsibility as a school to reduce overheads, be mindful of environment and be aware of our carbon footprint and helping to increase the skills of our members of staff does this.” 

If you are interested in joining Mr Wilkinson and the rest of the facilities team, we have a vacancy.  For further details, please refer to the advert on page 9.  Closing date 14 July.

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