20 October 2021

Priory’s Sports Leaders are now ready to take charge of their own games at a number of primary school tournaments being hosted on the Astroturf soon. 

The Year 9s have been under the leadership of South Ribble Active Health Team’s Dave Hankin who has been coaching them over the past three weeks, firstly in Tag Rugby. Mr Hankin is based in Priory every Wednesday and he has been teaching the Sports Leaders the rules of the games and they will also help with the general organisation of the primary school events. 

Mr Hankin said: “As a group they are really enthusiastic. They have been trained in Tag Rugby recently as we have a tournament at the end of half-term but there are also inclusion and dodgeball events happening in the school year. They have all embraced it.” 

Year 9 Mason said: “I love all sports so this is a good chance to learn about new sports and be involved in tournaments.” 

South Ribble Borough Council's Active Health team work with partner schools to establish a shared commitment and programme of activities to improve participation opportunities in sport, physical and mental activity.  

Well done to the following pupils: Harry C, Alex E, Rhema A-M, Jake S, Joe T, Leon A, Jack McF, Mason McK, Dylan M, Jake O, Lucas R, Harry R, Cameron S, Finlay W.

Tags: PE & Sport Year 9