16 January 2023

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Priory pupils are combining their love of maths and their competitive spirit in a new online maths programme called Sparx, which Mr Kenrick has introduced into the school. 

Head of Maths, Mr Kenrick explained: “It’s a website which sets bespoke homework for each child and it sets additional homework where they can move up levels. There is a rewards system where pupils get a badge and it encourages them to climb the levels. 

“Our pupils use it and then, after about six weeks, it sets an algorithm for each pupil as it gets to know what stage they are at. 

“Pupils are working really hard on it and, if they can’t solve a problem, they can get additional video help through Teams or through the Sparx Maths Club. 

“We have noticed that it motivates pupils to complete levels. It's a national programme so there is a national leaderboard as well.  We also have a Sparx Homework Club every Monday and Thursday after school.” 

Year 8 pupil Skye said: “You have compulsory homework based on the topics you are studying, which for me is line graphs at the moment. Then you can do extra, which is called XP Boost and that’s when you get points and can climb levels. 

“It boosts your confidence and encourages independent learning. I have 26,000 points at the moment which is Level 2 and I want to get to 30,000, Level 3, where I get another badge and certificate – this is all extra work. I like the challenge of it.” 

Jane said: “I am nearly at Level 2 and I like it because it is independent learning. If you are stuck, you can watch a video straight away and it can help you understand it. I spend quite a long time on it at home as I enjoy it.” 

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