24 August 2023

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Regardless of the results however, we recognise our 2023 leavers as precious and unique individuals, and throughout their final year with us, they have shown how determined and hopeful they are, demonstrating remarkable levels of resilience.  Here's how Hannah, Lucas and Eliza got on...


Hannah was delighted with her grades as she achieved three Grade 8s and four Grade 7s among her results. 

“I was pleased to get a 7 in Maths, an 8 in History and an 8 in French. I want to go to Newman College and study French, Biology, Law and Criminology.” 


Eliza said she was ‘very happy’ with her results. 

“I got two Grade 8s and four Grade 7s. I was especially happy with a Grade 7 in my English Literature as I didn’t think I would pass. 

“I am going to Preston College on an acting course. I have been in all the school productions – Matilda, Game Over and Mary Poppins. I want to go into acting.” 


Lucas achieved an amazing four nines, two in Science and one in Maths and Further Maths along with two 8s among his results. 

“I wasn’t expecting all the 9s although I was hoping. I am still trying to calm down! 

“I want to go LUSOM to study Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Computer Science. I want to be a rocket scientist or something with nuclear fusion.” 

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