14 September 2023

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Summer School pupils were taken into space for their Maths challenge! 

The Year 7s, who have just started, were given a Maths Treasure Hunt challenge at our August Summer School where they had to solve puzzles which were on posters scattered around the Sports Hall. 

This was set by Assistant Head of Maths Mr Sneddon and he tested some pupils further by giving them an extra ‘space’ challenge which groups of three pupils worked together to complete. 

Theo, Zack and Dexter were the only ones to successfully complete the extra challenge and Mr Sneddon was impressed. 

“It was on the theme of space with ‘First Launch’, ‘Space Launch’ and ‘Moon Landing’ and it was tough. A lot of pupils were struggling to do it. Theo, Zack and Dexter were the only ones to complete it and hopefully they will be some of our top mathematicians of the future.” 

Dexter said: “It was really tricky. There were coding and puzzles. I like maths.”   Theo said: “The three of us worked together and thankfully solved it all.”   Zack added: “Maths is one of my favourite subjects so I enjoyed the extra challenges. I like learning about space too.” 

The three pupils were given a tub of sweets each along with a coveted 'I love Maths' button badge.

I love Maths because...

Pupils will be pleased to know that the opportunity to claim their 'I Love Maths' badge will continue this year.  

Pupils looking to get a badge should simply click the link below to access the survey and write Mr Sneddon a paragraph or two explaining why they love maths. The best responses from each year group will be selected and each week we'll report what our pupils said.  

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