1 December 2023

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Mr Walsh has turned from a Priory pupil into a Priory teacher – and loves it! 

History teacher Mr Walsh left Priory as a pupil in 2006 and has returned as part of his PGCE until December. 

“I actually thought it would be weird coming back to the school I used to go to but Priory has changed so much that is hasn’t been like that at all. 

“My inspiration to be a teacher came from English teacher Mr Wall and my best memories of Priory are of the teachers. 

“There aren’t many left from when I was here although Mr Watters popped in this week and Mr Eastham was the PE teacher when I was at school. 

“I am enjoying my role here. I studied History at Oxford University and then travelled, teaching English as a second language in Russia and Japan. I think it was then I knew that I definitely wanted to be a teacher. 

“I am currently doing my PGCE at Cardinal Newman College and I will teach A-Level History there from January although I am still deciding what level I want to teach at.” 

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