27 March 2024

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Assistant Head of Maths Mr Sneddon, along with the Maths Department, is running a competition asking pupils to say what they particularly enjoy about their subject. 

Pupils were tasked with completing the following sentence, "I love Maths because..." and qualifying responses were rewarded with an I love Maths badge.

Here's why Year 11s Louie and Will love Maths:


because Maths is incredible. Whenever I do Sparx maths, it feels like I've ascended from the Earth into the heavens that are full of mathematical equations. I find it hard to resist getting engaged with the lesson whenever I walk into a Maths classroom. I cannot comprehend how superior Maths is to other subjects, for it is so much more exciting than English. Maths lessons are absolutely jovial. :)


because I love a good challenge. Maths is my favourite subject and we couldn't live without Maths. Maths is simply immaculate; it speaks louder than the poems in English. 

Now it's your turn: Pupils that want to claim an 'I love Maths' badge should simply click the link below to access the online form (or check their year group Teams) and write Mr Sneddon a few sentences explaining why they love maths. The best responses from each year group will be selected and also featured here in our article.  



*Photo taken on non-uniform day

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