To ensure that our digital strategy here at Penwortham Priory Academy supports the continued improvement of students outcomes at Key Stage 4.

Our belief here at Priory, is that all students should have inclusive access to the technology available to enhance their teaching and learning experience.
CPD for staff is an intrinsic element of our digital strategy. This will create a school culture of adaptability and innovation, aiming to encourage all staff to continue to work towards this award. Our digital strategy (implementation) means that we, staff and students alike, are prepared for innovative and collaborative learning from anywhere – at home or in the classroom.

Digital Transformation at Priory

At Penwortham Priory Academy we are committed to progressing our digital strategy at a whole school level.  Our Lead Practitioner for Digital Transformation works closely with staff across school to ensure that our digital action plan meets our academic and pastoral needs.  In addition we have a team of staff and student digital ambassadors who champion the strategy, working with a range of parties to evolve the teaching and learning at Priory.

Our commitment to digital development is at the very heart of our education and school life. Everyone at Priory shares the same digital experience. Our students, our staff, our classrooms are connected through a holistic digital provision of software, including Office 365 and Microsoft Teams. This commonality is crucial because it enables the whole community to be inclusive and innovative.

We also know that digital technology will help prepare our students for the life after Priory by providing them with a richer educational experience and by giving them the skills and confidence to enter the wider world of study and work, where digital literacy and technology will play a huge role.

Coupled with this offer, we run Digital Ambassador Programmes for staff and students, where our in-house Digital Ambassadors can lead the way in sharing CPD and supporting each other where necessary.  Student Digital Ambassadors can work with other students to troubleshoot the use of devices and support their understanding of how to access and use some of the platforms on offer, whilst staff ambassadors lead the way in research and development of the most effective tools to share with each other.