At Priory, we seek to continue to find out the views of our pupils to ensure that their education and personal development is the best that it can possibly be. For all children, a positive and supportive relationship between them and the staff in school will significantly improve their attitude, behaviour, motivation and aspirations. The relationship is too vital to leave to chance.

Well-designed school communications plays a vital role in this.  Pupil voice at Priory Academy ensures that we have whole school approach to listening to the voices of everyone in our school. 

Consulting with our pupils we believe, is valuable and increases the effectiveness of pupil-staff relationships. By asking pupils to complete surveys gives them an opportunity to share their experiences and views and we are committed to continually improving Priory by listening to our pupils and responding with regards to what we are doing.

The below document demonstrates our recent consultations with pupils and what they think of Priory – their school:

Pupil Voice