15 December 2020

Whilst at Priory, Louise took part in an experimental education programme and recently her mum got in touch to update us with how things have turned out since she left us a decade ago.

After leaving school in the summer of 2010, Louise announced she was going to South Africa as a volunteer for three weeks.  The courageous teenager went alone after booking through an agency and met up with other volunteers whilst she was there.  Aged just 17, Louise arranged everything herself including visas, travel arrangements and all other necessities.

On her return, along with Rachel Ferris (also a former pupil in the same class, main pic), Louise decided to spend a year in Australia, again planning and organising everything without assistance. Both girls thoroughly enjoyed the trip which has enabled them to develop into confident and outgoing young women.

Once safely back in the UK, Louise was taken on as an apprentice at an up and coming marketing agency in Manchester. 

Louise's mum said, "Interestingly she was chosen for the position instead of a university graduate who also applied as the owners were impressed with her travels and independence.  Whilst still on her year-long apprenticeship programme, Louise's wages were increased to £18,000 even though she was still in training as the owners were so impressed with her work."

Louise continues to rise through the ranks and was recently promoted to junior manager and is very highly thought of in the organisation.

Mum tells us, "Louise certainly thrived on the teaching programme at Priory."  

"Thanks to everyone at the school who helped Louise become the person she is today.  I hope her story might inspire others to plan adventures, especially after the year we’ve had!"

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