28 September 2020

Quick draw rewards

Each week, teachers will nominate individuals who have particularly impressed them with their effort, attitude and engagement with their learning.

28 September 2020

Year 7 question time with the Head

Last week, Year 7 pupils had the chance to put their burning questions to the Headteacher.

28 September 2020


Year 9 have spent the last few art lessons looking at how to closely observe and replicate shape.

23 September 2020

A model start for Year 7 pupils

Assistant Head of Science, Mrs Massey, was very impressed with the pupils’ science work and wanted to share some of it with the rest of us.

21 September 2020

How are you settling in, Year 7?

Head of Year 7, Mrs Bullock, has been impressed with how quickly her new year group has settled into school life.

21 September 2020

Everybody's talking about this

Drama Teacher, Miss Howell, is super excited about our special visitor - Layton Williams..

21 September 2020

Digital transformation at Priory

Here at Penwortham Priory we continue to embrace technology and ensure that our students can effectively use and benefit from a blended approach to learning.

15 September 2020

Abigail marks her words with the English Department

Year 8 pupil Abigail has made good use of lockdown – by sewing bookmarks!

14 September 2020

Overdue library books amnesty

Pupils in Years 8-11 are asked to return any library books that were borrowed before lockdown. No sanctions will be given.

14 September 2020

Meet the teacher - Mr Owen, English

Welcome to Mr Owen who has joined us as English teacher at Priory. Head of English, Mrs Gidden also tells us her plans for department this year.

14 September 2020

Join the Parallel maths project

Sign up to Parallel, a collection of mathematical challenges designed to stretch your brain and make your neurons more squiggly!

14 September 2020

London - Paris trip update

We are pleased to inform you that we have now had confirmation that we can keep our trip by changing the dates to 1-5 July 2021.  We really hope that those new dates suit all those with a confirmed place