16 June 2021

Mrs Elliott's Read of the Month - June

The Midnight Library by Matt Haig. This book is a perfect example of how powerful literature can be.

16 June 2021

Year 10 librarians

Our super wonderful senior librarians now have access to the library! The library has seriously missed them!

15 June 2021

How's your first year been, Year 7?

Year 7 pupils have taken to life at Penwortham Priory Academy despite a first year with a difference due to Covid. 

15 June 2021

A classroom with a view

Priory's gardener, Mr Farron, creates such delightful classroom vistas for our pupils. These are just some of the stunning displays that are in bloom around our school at the moment.

15 June 2021

Welcome back to the English department, Year 10

We have been delighted to welcome our Year 10 cohort into their new bubble area which includes the English department.

11 June 2021

Meet Gary the gecko

A small group of Year 7 students shortlisted the name as part of their role in helping to care for the Science department's animals.

8 June 2021

Learning for Life - Darcy's Story

Recently, two of our pupils have approached us wanting to raise awareness of a medical condition that affects their every day lives. This week with met with Year 10 pupil, Darcy, to talk about diabetes.

8 June 2021

A breath of fresh air for Summer

Year 11 Summer has made use of lockdown by growing her hair for charity.

31 May 2021

Do you have any pre-loved books we could have for our library?

We’re looking to top up our library.  Do you have any books that you are wondering what to do with next? Are they suitable for our young adults?Could we have them?

31 May 2021

Astronomy Club is recruiting Year 8 pupils

The Science department is recruiting current Year 8s to join their astronomy club with a view to taking a GCSE in the subject.

31 May 2021

English and History collide to make great impact

The Tier 3 words and facts about the conflict pupils are learning in History are being used in Mrs Gidden’s creative language lessons about the period and it’s producing work in both subjects of a high standard. 

30 May 2021

Tres Bien Mon Super College!

Year 8 students combined their French, architectural and creative knowledge to draw and explain ‘Mon Super College.’