3 June 2020

Priory's Covid Time Capsule

Priory is planning commemorate these times by designing, building and filling a time capsule with our memories of the Coronavirus lockdown.

3 June 2020

Toni-Lea's Coronavirus poem

This amazing poem was sent in by one of our Year 7 pupils. She was a little bored and wrote it with her Nan whilst they were having a catch up over the phone.

29 May 2020

Mrs Gidden's cool reader's club - Akram

Priory’s Head of English, Mrs Gidden, has been really impressed with many of our multi-talented pupils and wanted to highlight their love of reading while excelling at other pursuits. Before the school closure we interviewed Year 7 pupil, Akram.

22 May 2020

History's weird and wonderful facts

Do you know an historical fact that will make us go 'eww', 'ohh' or 'really!'?

22 May 2020

Humanities photo challenge - Week 6 (motion)

This week was a tough one - 'Motion'. Lots of great entries and thanks once again to all students who took the time and effort to enter their photos.

22 May 2020

Response to Coronavirus - Update 22 May

22 May: A letter from the Headteacher as we approach the half term break.

20 May 2020

Priory shows kindness for mental health awareness week

Priory pupils have been sharing some of their Acts of Kindness with us this week, some of them within their own homes and others brightening the day of their local communities.

15 May 2020

Response to Coronavirus - Update 15 May

15 May: A letter from the Headteacher with thanks for messages of support.

15 May 2020

Humanities photo challenge - Week 5 (macro)

Another stunning set of photos have been selected as the winners of this week's photo competition.

13 May 2020

How about a Media Competition folks?

Your job is to create a news bulletin for a spoof 'news' story from around your house and record it in the style of a news article from the BBC or Sky News.

12 May 2020

The Charles Causley Trust's Young Person’s Poetry Competition

We want our young poets of the future in Years 7-8 to be inspired to write their own poetry responding to this year’s theme of ‘Environment’.

11 May 2020

What have you been up to in Art?

For their Art lessons, pupils have been asked to draw their given theme demonstrating use of pencil by presenting tonal drawings, line drawings and cross hatching pieces. Priory has some very talented artists!