31 October 2022

What's the music this week? w/c 31 October

This week it's all about: Pop music of the 1960s

25 October 2022

Can you help? Crochet wool and needles needed

Do you have any spare wool or crochet needles we could have for our new crochet club?

21 October 2022


What is Diwali and how will our pupils be celebrating...

20 October 2022

Year 9 rugby tounament

Well done to Ethan H who was recognised as the most valuable player by tournament officials. 

20 October 2022

New catering system coming to Priory

From 1 November we moving to new catering system, BlueRunner.

19 October 2022

South Ribble primary school athletics leaders

Year 9 pupils volunteer to help with the South Ribble Sports Hall Primary Athletics held at Priory.

19 October 2022

Mrs Gidden's cool reader's club - Finley

These are our reading stars put forward by their English teacher. We interview them about their current book, what they like reading and what they like to do when they’re not reading. Introducing Finley...

18 October 2022

Central venue netball

The player of the tournament was Fatima for her outstanding defending skills.

17 October 2022

What's the music this week? w/c 17 October

This week it's all about: Classical music from Europe

14 October 2022

Year 9 Shake It Up in Food Technology

Pupils had to be careful not to 'shake it up' when making their Shakshuka at Thursday's after school cookery club.

14 October 2022

How are you settling in, Year 7?

Our new Year 7s have adapted to life in Priory easily – and they already have favourite teachers!

12 October 2022

After School Creative Cookery For Year 7 and Year 8

Here's Year 7 and Year 8's opportunity to join in some making and baking fun....