Parents Evenings provide the opportunity for you to discuss your child’s recent progress towards meeting target levels, homework, quality of work and work ethic. Subject teachers will be available to provide advice regarding how best to support your child with learning in their subject.

To facilitate the events we use a web-based program ‘SchoolCloud Parents Evening’.  

Please use the same link to book appointment slots with teachers and to access the event on the evening (if attending virtually):

Full instructions on how to book and attend appointments can be downloaded from the document group below and a tutorial video can be viewed at

Virtual Appointments

To enable teachers to meet with as many parents/carers as possible, each appointment slot will be three minutes long for Key Stage 3 and five minutes for Key Stage 4. The appointments automatically stop after this time and teachers cannot extend the call. There is then a one minute gap before you are automatically transferred to the next teacher. 

Settle Factor appointments are up to 5-7 minutes long (depending on the year group) and after this the session ends.  If you wish to meet with your child's form tutor for further discussion after this, please arrange this with them during the session or via email at a later point.

If you would like to speak to any other member of staff, please feel free to contact them direct. A full email list can be found on this website at

We look forward to seeing you at these events and appreciate your continued support in ensuring your child maximises their potential.

Parents Evening