As part of our continued drive to be at the forefront of learning, we promote the use and value of technology to enhance learning in the classroom by:

  • Providing cutting edge learning experiences;
  • Enabling all pupils to take their learning further through ‘real’ independent learning opportunities;

We will:

  • Challenge teachers to provide even more exciting and engaging lessons
  • Give every pupil the chance to use the technology to access whatever they would like to learn, wherever and whenever they need to
  • Extend and enrich conversations about learning to all members of the family;
  • Champion pupil ‘geniuses’ to support pupils, staff and parents in the use of this technology.

All staff support the learning of pupils through the use of devices.  There is a strong commitment to staff development here at Priory which provides, as part of an ongoing process, regular opportunities to share teaching strategies and software content.

Mobile technology is already having a massive impact on society as a whole and that impact is being mirrored in schools.  At Priory, we take great pride in not only delivering a first class education, but also in preparing our young people to succeed in society.  We believe that this technology will provide our young people with a distinct advantage in that aspect.


Having a laptop to use in school would be useful because Priory pupils and staff will have access to the latest technologies and resources to support teaching and learning, both in and beyond the classroom.  The aim is to work with all stakeholders to allow students to achieve their best academically,  but also to help to prepare them for a life beyond Priory, giving the currency of 21st century skills for the future.  It also allows our teachers to have access to tools and training to develop their pedagogy, integrating technology within lessons to enhance learning.

The information overload when purchasing a new laptop can be very daunting - with tech speak, functionality and cost also being factors that need to be considered.  The leaflet below will provide information that will help parents make an informed decision.  The recommended specifications are not extensive or conclusive but these we feel are the minimum specs.

Pupils can download and install Microsoft Office packages at no expense to parents on a laptop or desktop PC you own.  Penwortham Priory Academy subscribes to Microsoft Education Campus license. This allows pupils to download and use Office 365 and Teams with the ability to store up to 1TB in the cloud using Microsoft OneDrive.

Devices at Priory