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Revision Timetables - Summer Exams 2023-24

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Maths Revision

The science exam is heavily driven by knowledge and understanding of content. It is therefore important that you revise as much of the content as possible. To do this effectively, you should ensure you are engaging the material as fully as possible - just reading over it or highlighting is not an efficient use of time. You would be better of using any of the following approaches:

  • Log in to Seneca, click onto 'Courses', choose the subject you want to revise and start answering the questions (message Mr Bedford on Teams if you need Seneca login details)
  • Visit BBC Bitesize (https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/examspecs/z8r997h), choose the topic you need, summarise the information using pen and paper (don't just copy it out!)
  • If you have the revision guide, there are plenty of exam style questions you can use for practice. Check you work with the answers here - https://global.oup.com/education/content/secondary/key-issues/oxford-revise-science/answers/?region=uk). If you don't have a revision guide but would like one, please purchase via scopay then collect from Mr Bedford. 
  • There are plenty of past papers available on the AQA website (look under Assessment Resources)

A significant minority of marks in the science exams are for mathematical questions. You should make sure you know how to draw graphs correctly, calculate means, interpret graphs and tables of data, etc. Again, these can be practiced using the revision guide or past paper materials. 

Here is the link to the coursework handbook. Remember that the login details are shared on Teams in the general chat of the channel: Login Screen (illuminate.digital)

14 - 16 Years - Food A Fact Of Life

GCSE - BBC Bitesize



Students - GCSEPod – GCSE POD for Geography

Geography A (9–1) from 2016 | Pearson qualifications – GCSE Geography Edexcel A Past Papers

Time for Geography | Home – Video Knowledge Boosters on all things Geography

Quizzes | Geography Education Online – Short Geography Knowledge Quizzes

We have GCSEPod as a service that pupils and parents can access. Login details are available from your History teacher.

Other Helpful Websites

Use any app that helps but don’t forget to use MathsWatch and GCSEPod. There are many free ‘virtual flashcard’ apps on the market. Quizlet is easy to use to make quizzes to test yourself and friends with.  Please follow the links from this page to a host of helpful websites for revision. 


General Revision:




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