Vericool is Priory's online catering pre-order system which allows parents, pupils and staff to pre-order break and lunchtime food and drink and have them delivered to their year group bubbles.

The process is simple:

  • Parents, pupils and staff will be able to login to the web portal at You will be able to do this on your device (PC, laptop or school computer) and pre-order food for any given day, a number of days, a week or a maximum of two weeks. 
  • You can check your catering balance to ensure that you have sufficient funds to pre-order food.  Orders cannot be placed without sufficient balance on the account.
  • To ensure that you have sufficient funds to pay for food, parents and staff will need to top up accounts via SCOPay, our online payments system.
  • You will be able to review all purchased transactions as well as what has been pre-ordered, but significantly your child can choose what they want to order.

User Guide and Video

The VeriCool system is very simple to use.  Below is a short user guide and talk-through video showing you how to set up an account and navigate the pre-ordering portal. 

User Guide - Online Catering Pre Order System

This video talks through how to set up an account, login and place an order.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I log in to VeriCool?

Go to and use your child’s access code to set up an account.  Once your account has been set up you will log in using your email address and a password you have created. 

New intake Year 7 pupils, mid-year starters and new staff will receive their access code and set up instructions within their first few days of joining Priory.

Can I use my mobile phone or tablet to set this up or place an order?

No.  Unfortunately, at the moment, VeriCool isn’t supported on mobile phones or tablets.  You must use a PC or laptop.  Pupils can use school computers at break and lunch and they can place orders for up to one week at a time.   Each year group bubble has a computer room.  Your child will need to know what email address and password you would like them to use to link their account to.  They can use their school email address if you wish, and you can choose a different password just for this system. 

There is one exception.  If you have an Android phone, we have been informed of this work-around.  When you launch Chrome, type in the site code ( and select the 3 dots in the top right hand corner of the screen.  On the menu, check the box that says ‘Desktop site’. 

We are hoping that this will be resolved when the App becomes available later in the year.

Does this work in any browser?

Yes, all the major browsers such as Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari.

I’m having issues setting this up for a sibling.  What should I do?

VeriCool doesn’t allow you to add more than one child to an account, like other software we use such as SCOPay.  We are hoping that this will be resolved when the App becomes available later in the year.

In the meantime, please set up a separate account and have a unique email address for each child. 

You can use your child’s Priory email address if you wish.  The password you create in VeriCool doesn’t have to be the same one that your child uses to access their school emails.  The password will only be for online ordering and does not affect their email account in school.  Please bear in mind that if you wish to reset your password then the reset email will go to their school account.

When is the cut-off time for placing orders each day?

The deadline for ordering food for that day is 9am for break and 11.10am for lunch.  No food or drink will be available without pre-ordering.  You can pre-order food for any given day, a number of days, a week or a maximum of two weeks. 

What about pupils who receive Free School Meals (FSM)?

Pupils entitled to FSM will need to order on the system too and their choice of food/drink will be taken from their daily allowance of £2.80. Their allowance can now be used at break and/or lunchtime.  Any leftover balance cannot be carried over to the next day.

How will my child get their food?

All orders will be delivered at break and lunchtime to the designated year group dining areas for pupils to collect.

How do I add money to the account?

Catering accounts must be topped up online via SCOPay at  We cannot accept cash in school and there is no facility to top up with cash as previously done. 

Current pupils should already have a SCOPay account. If you don’t have an account, please email the Finance Officer, Mrs Cookson, to request at code -  Year 7 pupils and other new starters will receive their login code for SCOPay within their first few days of joining Priory.

It says there’s an error when I try to log in?

Unfortunately the system is not currently accessible via mobile phone or tablet; orders need to be placed using a PC or laptop.  We highly recommend that orders are placed at home however there will be computers available in school for pupils to use for this purpose.  VeriCool, the operator of the online system, anticipates that the website will be accessible to mobile phone and tablets by the end of the year.

Is there an App?

This is currently in development and will be available later in the year.

The set-up portal code I was given doesn’t work, what should I do?

Please email stating the school name, your child’s name, form and year group so that they can arrange for a new code to be issued to you.  Alternatively please contact school directly at letting us know your child's details as above and we will liaise with VeriCool on your behalf.

I’m panicking, I’m having issues with VeriCool and can’t set up an account or place an order.  What shall I do?

Email or contact reception to let us know and we will try to resolve the issue for you and pass a food order to the catering team for that day.  In the meantime, you may prefer to provide your child with a packed lunch.  Please also ensure that SCOPay has dinner money credit.  Pupils who are entitled to Free School Meals and have not been able to place an order will receive a grab bag. 

What is the Free School Meal daily allowance?

The daily allowance is £2.80 and you can place the orders in advance. Please note, any unspent daily allowance cannot be carried forward to the next day.

My child is entitled to Free School Meals.  I want to order food that takes them over their daily allowance, can I do this? 

You can top up your child’s credit via SCOPay at  All parents should have a SCOPay account. If you need a reminder of your set-up code, please contact the Finance Officer, Mrs Cookson, at

Please note, any unspent daily allowance cannot be not carried over to the next day.

Why is something is greyed out?

When items are grey, you may have missed the cut-off time for that day’s orders (break – 9am, lunch – 11.10am), the item is either not on the menu that day or it has now sold out.

Can I cancel an order once it has been placed?

Not at the moment although we are looking into this. Please email to cancel an order prior to the cut off time.

I’ve ordered my child’s meals for the week but he’s been off sick the past few days, can I get a refund?

Not at the moment although we are looking into this.

What if I have another question?

if you have any further queries, please email and we will support you with the new system.