Our Design and Technology Department at Penwortham Priory Academy is committed to providing an exceptional learning experience for students. Our aim is to foster a passion for creativity, problem-solving, and practical skills that will equip students with the tools they need for future success. With a focus on a broad and balanced curriculum, we strive to create an environment that inspires, challenges, and empowers our students to reach their full potential.

We acknowledge students' previous learning achievements at every key stage, using them as a foundation for engaging and demanding learning opportunities. This approach enables the cultivation of leadership, organisational skills, and resilience in students within the subject. Specifically in the field of Design and Technology, our aim is to encourage students to adopt a designer's mindset, fostering their ability to think critically, read analytically, and communicate effectively. We emphasise connecting their learning to practical, real-life situations, illustrating how their design and technology skills can be directly applied to their future lives and careers.

The foundation of the Penwortham Priory Academy's Design and Technology curriculum is rooted in knowledge. We believe in the empowerment derived from knowledge and the ability to apply acquired insights in diverse and novel situations. Our commitment is to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of what they will learn, how they will learn it, it’s connection to the Design and Technology framework, and its broader links to other subjects. This holistic approach ensures that students develop a well-rounded understanding of how the world operates.

The knowledge we aim for students to acquire is intentionally sequenced and mapped, employing strategies such as paced retrieval, low-stakes testing, and repeated practice to foster automatic responses and fluency. Emphasis is placed on ensuring that concepts are not only comprehended but also remembered, with a focus on the application of this knowledge in both school and real-world situations. The cultivation of a broad vocabulary is also prioritised, facilitated through the exploration of non-fiction texts in various contexts.

Beyond classroom instruction, we recognise the value of enriching experiences, including trips and visits, to contextualise learning. These opportunities expose students to diverse experiences, broaden their perspectives, and encourage an understanding of their role in local, national, and international communities.

As a department, we also strive towards:

Academic Excellence: We are dedicated to achieving high academic standards and nurturing the intellectual abilities of our students. Our curriculum is designed to develop critical thinking, research skills, and a deep understanding of design principles, materials, and processes. By challenging our students with intellectually stimulating projects, we aim to cultivate their problem-solving skills and creativity.

Practical Skills Development: We firmly believe in the importance of practical skills alongside theoretical knowledge. Our students actively engage in hands-on experiences through various design and manufacturing processes. By providing access to advanced equipment, tools, and resources, we enable students to gain expertise in using industry-standard software, machinery, and materials. We emphasise safe and ethical practices in all aspects of design and technology.

Holistic Approach: Our curriculum is carefully structured to provide a well-rounded education for our students. We offer a range of subjects across different design specialisations to ensure a comprehensive understanding of design and technology principles. By exposing students to various disciplines, we foster a sense of versatility, adaptability, and an appreciation for diverse creative fields.

Individual Growth and Personalised Learning: We recognise that every student has unique abilities, interests, and aspirations. Our teaching approach is student-centred, with a focus on personalised learning. We encourage students to set personal goals, explore their passions, and undertake projects that align with their individual strengths and interests.

Industry Partnerships and Real-World Connections: To enhance students' learning experiences, we actively seek partnerships with industry professionals, local businesses, and relevant organisations. Through guest speakers, workshops, and collaborative projects, students gain insights into current industry practices, emerging technologies, and real-world problem-solving. These connections expose our students to career pathways and opportunities, encouraging them to consider future possibilities within the design and technology sector.

The Design and Technology Department at Penwortham Priory Academy strives to provide an exceptional learning experience that prepares our students for a rapidly evolving world. By fostering creativity, practical skills, and critical thinking, we empower students to become confident, adaptable, and resourceful individuals. Through our broad and balanced curriculum, personalised learning approach, and strong industry connections, we aim to inspire the next generation of designers, engineers, and innovators.


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Design & Technology Implementation Document

Attainment and Progress (national tests and assessments)

2023 NCFE Outcomes



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82.8 93.1

Graphic Design


7.7 73.1 84.6

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