Within Religious education at Penwortham Priory Academy we focus on preparation for the EDUQAS  

Route A specification.

We aim to contribute to pupils' knowledge and understanding of people in other societies, cultures, religions and countries as well as their own and how they developed and interacted. Using a variety of concepts students will learn how faith can influence people today and how as young people they can influence the world around us. They will be taught how to appreciate different points of view, to develop their self-confidence orally and using written communication and how faith can be used to influence actions or decisions. More importantly we aim to make the study of Religious Education is interesting and stimulating and hope to make pupils become young adults who are well balanced and perceptive individuals.

Year 7

4 Units comprising

1 – Christians beliefs

2 – Christian traditions

3- Christian practices

4- Islamic beliefs

Year 8

4 Units comprising

1 – Islamic traditions

2 – Islamic practices

3 – Issues of human rights

4 – Issues of relationships

Year 9

3 Units comprising

1 – Issues of life and death

2 – Issues of good and evil

3- What does it mean to have faith in Britain today?

Pupils will have the opportunity to visit local places of interest and be visited by local religious group member that will enhance their learning and understanding of the work that is covered in the classroom.