Physical Education makes an important contribution to the education and physical development of our students.

In P.E. we aim to provide all students with a broad and balanced education, with a focus on enjoyment and progression, and developing each pupil’s physical skills and interests in our extensive range of activities.

 We seek to strike a balance between performance and participation, not only enabling our most able sportsmen and women to achieve excellence, but also catering for the needs of all pupils in the context of a PE and games curriculum which is underpinned by a ‘sport for all’ philosophy. All students can experience extra-curricular sport, and the valuable social and moral lessons it brings.

 Our P.E. specialists and professional coaches provide high quality teaching and coaching, bringing with them wide experience of playing and coaching at a top level.

KS3 Physical Education

Key Stage 3 students are timetabled for two 60 minute lessons per week and develop knowledge, skills and understanding in gymnastics, games, athletics and outdoor adventurous activities.

Subject Aims/Purposes

To offer opportunities for students to:

  • Develop their ability to perform skills and actions with increasing control, fluency and originality;
  • Learn how to select and apply skills, tactics and compositional ideas with knowledge and understanding in different activities;
  • Develop observational skills, to effectively analyse, access and make improvements on their own the work of others;
  • Develop knowledge and understanding of safe practice and their ability to demonstrate consistently due consideration for their own and the well-being of others;
  • To set targets for themselves and compete against others both individually and as team players.
  • To take initiative, lead activities and focus on improving aspects of their own performance.
  • To develop positive attitudes to participation in physical activity and discover their own personal preferences.
  • Understand what it takes to persevere, succeed and acknowledge others success.
  • Make informed decisions about the importance of exercise in their lives.

KS4 Physical Education

At Key Stage 4, all students have one 60 minute lesson and complete courses in games, health and fitness and athletics.

For students who choose to study PE at GCSE level, they will have an additional three hours of PE each week.


Students in Year 10 currently follow the OCR GCSE PE course which is comprised of:

Component 1: (Physical Factors Affecting Performance) is assessed via a 1 hour written examination paper (60 marks). This is worth 30% of the final grade.

Component 2: (Socio-Cultural Issues and Sports Psychology) is assessed via a 1 hour written examination paper (60 marks). This is worth 30% of the final grade.

Component 3: (Performance with Physical Education) is assessed through (a) practical performance in three activities equally weighted at 20 marks each/worth 30% of the final grade and (b) Analysing and Evaluating Performance (AEP) coursework worth 10% of the final grade.